Webb Bridge Park

Six outdoor courts are surrounded by trees. A+ for the scenery.

Part of Alpharetta, Georgia’s Recreation & Parks, Webb Bridge Park is beautiful. Driving into the park you get the full experience of nature in Georgia. It’s breathtaking.

The pickleball courts are part of the tennis complex, thus the “tennis court rules” posted. But pickleballers in this area are hitting the courts at a much higher rate, so maybe they’ll be fortunate to get additional courts in the future.

The courts were always busy when we visited. The paddle-up system applied to individual courts, which created confusion–and impeded your ability to play on the next court open.

The locals were friendly, but with the paddle system, it was difficult to get into a good game. Players constantly moved their paddles from court to court in search of solid play.

Visit the Alpharetta Recreation & Parks website for more information.

Address: 4780 Webb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA, 30005

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