Bill Noble Park Pickleball

With 11 beautiful outdoor courts, this is a must-go destination for anyone who plays pickleball.

Located in Gardendale, Alabama, Bill Noble Park is a garden in itself. The complex is beautiful and includes far more than pickleball courts. If you live in the area and get to go to this destination often, lucky you!

We traveled through and went to these courts six times. Each time we arrived at the courts, there was a lot of activity, but still courts available. We waited to play only once.

As with most outdoor courts, there wasn’t a fee to play; however, you can reserve individual courts to ensure availability–but only if you’re a resident. :/

There is a paddle up system for times when the courts are busy. We saw novice players up to high-level players and most everyone seemed to saunter to the group that was their level of play.

The local players are gracious. The facility is outstanding.

Visit the Bill Noble Park website for more information.

Address: 5895 Bill Noble Drive, Gardendale, AL 35071

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